What Is The Difference Between New, Used and Ex-Display Hot Tubs?

New hot tubs are, as the name suggests, brand new and have never been used or owned by anyone else. They are typically sold directly by the manufacturer or through a retailer.

Used hot tubs, on the other hand, have previously been owned and used by someone else. They may have some wear and tear and may not be in the same condition as a new hot tub. However, they can often be purchased at a lower price than a new hot tub.

Ex-display hot tubs are hot tubs that have been displayed in a showroom or other public space. They may have been used for demonstrations or test soaks, but they have not been owned by anyone and are typically sold at a discounted price. Ex-display hot tubs may have some cosmetic imperfections or may not have all the features or accessories that come with a new hot tub, but they should still be in good working condition.

When considering which type of hot tub to purchase, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each option and consider factors such as price, condition, and features.

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