What size hot tub do I need?

Firstly, consider the maximum number of people who are likely to use it. A couple of extra seats is bound to be useful so buy the biggest hot tub you can afford provided that it fits comfortably in the space available.

With a multitude of designs, seating configurations, jet options, not to mention added features from massage to music and everything else from getting started to maintenance can be confusing.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, or replacing an hot tub, The Canadian Spa Company have the right hot tub or swim spa for you.

Here are some initial questions to ask yourself before you buy:

  1. How do you think you will use your spa?
  2. Is it for relaxation and pleasure, or to exercise regularly?
  3. Are you looking for an above-ground or in-ground model?
  4. Where do you intend to place the spa?
  5. How much space do you have available?
  6. What about seating configuration?
  7. Are you looking for entertainment such as music, lighting systems?
  8. What about jets and therapeutic massage?
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