Where can I put my spa?

You can put your spa anywhere you like, indoor or outdoor.

When thinking about where to position your hot tub, you should consider:

• The site you select for your spa must be a flat surface that contacts the bottom of your spa completely.

• Spas weigh between 900kg and 1,400kg when full, therefore a solid support is essential. A 10-15cm thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal, but not a requirement. In most cases your spa can be placed on a properly fitted existing patio. Your spa can be mounted on a deck, but it must be of solid construction. Either way, it is recommended you install your spa at ground level to allow easy internal access.

• The base needs to be at least the same size as the footprint of your spa

• The power supplied must be a dedicated RCD protected circuit. You will need to get a qualified electrician to undertake this work (check spa for Amp requirement).

• Plug and play models plug directly into a 13Amp socket.

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