Why buy a hot tub cover

Why buy a hot tub cover 

Hot Tub Cover Tip 1 – It keeps unwanted items out of your spa

Most hot tubs are kept outdoors in a garden so you need to protect your spa from the elements and unwanted visitors. Nobody wants to share their hot tub with floating objects such as leaves and insects so a hot tub cover helps prevent dirt entering your spa water.

Hot Tub Cover Tip 2 – It keeps the heat in

One of the most important components of a hot tub cover is the foam core. The foam core not only provides the insulation for the cover, but it also helps to give it strength. Insulation in hot tubs is a very important feature of a hot tub it ensure a hot tub remains efficient through its operation. Initial heating of a hot tub requires energy and time thus making it costly. We aim to provide affective insulation on our products so that when you use our spa you get the best, cost effective usage. For example we insulate the shells of the hot tubs, again using closed cell foam which has a high density to lock in any heat that may occur through conduction. 

Hot Tub Cover Tip 3 – Good material and a good fit
The cover of your tub needs to fit tightly all the way around. Remember – you don’t want heat escaping or bugs and other unwanted elements getting in. Choose a well-made cover. You don’t want to host dance parties on your cover, but it should be able to support the weight of mischievous pets and children. Insulation is gauged by an “R Value,” so find a hot tub cover with a high value.

A good vinyl cover will be able to withstand the stresses put on it by the elements, which include sun, rain, snow and ice, and other factors such as mould and chemicals. You will want to look for a hot tub cover that is made with durable marine grade vinyl and treated to resist the impact of UV rays, mould and mildew, and chlorine, as the bottom portion will be subjected to the sanitisers used in the water.

Other than keeping the water clean and protecting your hot tub, the hot tub cover also needs to have a good heat seal in order to make it energy efficient. When you are looking for a hot tub cover you know you will have a good one if the R-value rating is 12 to 13.

At Canadian Spa we sell a range of covers made to withstand even the harshest Canadian winters. Check out our cover features:

  • Tapered cover. All Canadian Spa Covers are a thicker tapered cover which slopes left and right from the centre (allowing for good rain run off), from approx. 125mm to 75mm (5 to 3 inch). 
  • Colours – Available in two different colours (Grey and Brown)* 
  • Marine Grade Vinyl. Tough and resilient, 100% polyester backing, mildew treated face and back. 
  • Commercial Quality Zipper. Heavy-duty 45 nylon zipper chain and aluminium pulls 
  • 8 Locking Buckles
  • Heat-Saving Seals6 Sturdy, Reinforced Handles. Triple folded reinforced vinyl backed up with double-stitched seams for the sturdiest of handles end and side 
  • 8 Triple Strength Straps
  • Insulating Polystyrene Core. Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties and the foam core’s tapered design keeps rainwater off the spa cover 
  • Durable Reinforced Hinge. The aluminium channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability 
  • 5 millimetre double moisture barrier. The 5 mm thick tri-extruded plastic wrap prevents moisture from reaching the foam core Rugged Reinforced Stitching – adds durability 
  • Easy Care – A little soap and water does it 
  • Warranty – Our warranty guarantees product performance for two year from date of purchase on both materials and workmanship.
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