16ft Swim Spa 19HP-Jet, 7-Person - XTrainer

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The Perfect Pool. The Perfect Swim.

The perfect family getaway all year round.

The Perfect Swim...

Swim Spas by Canadian Spa are the perfect way to swim every day. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall. Our swim current gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level. Our River Jet Design provides a wider, deeper, smoother current and our shell design has no hidden obstacles like steps or benches for your feet to hit in the swim lane - giving you a far superior swimming experience than any other swim spa available today.


“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are so pleased with our purchase of the swim spa; initially we were unsure if we would use the swim part of it but how wrong we were!!!! Not only do we use it regularly, but suddenly we see our family more often that we used to. What more can you ask than having a work out and then a spa while watching the sun go down (pure bliss). We would not hesitate to recommend the Swim Spa to anyone who was not entirely convinced that this was the unit they wanted.”

The Perfect Everyday Pool

Ease of Ownership

The automatic cleaning feature minimises maintenance thus leaving you more time to get into the swim spa with family and friends.

Flexibility and Practicality

Whether it’s a 13ft Swim Spa, a 16ft Swim Spa or a Dual Zone Swim Spa, you will enjoy the best of all worlds for fun and fitness.

Our products will exceed your expectations while providing the best possible solution for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

The Swim Spa’s ThermalSprings Heat Reclamation System with our energy-efficient components and our thick, energy conserving hardcover keeps operating costs to a minimum all year round. Being smaller than a conventional pool, our Swim Spas require less chemicals, less maintenance and less energy to heat and operate.

Industry Leading Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products with straight forward, no-nonsense protection. We offer an industry-leading guarantee on Swim Spas.

The Perfect Pool To Unwind


The 16ft St. Lawrence Swim Spa…the Perfect Swim


The Perfect Pool.

Swim Spas by Canadian Spa are the perfect way to swim every day. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall. Our swim current gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level.


Endless Current design

1 x 4HP pump, 3 x “Big Red” 5HP Pumps,

21/2 inch intake & return.

All pumps are designed with a flooded suction and negative head to reduce strain on the pump and deliver higher pressure using less energy.


Swim/River Jet Technology


Wider, deeper, smoother current than any other system on the market. Turbulence-Free.

High Performance 3 stage flow technology.

Consistent Flow rate and 2 1/2 inch intake provides increased flow rate.


Variable Swim Current


Allows the swimmer to vary the flow of water and adjust the swim intensity of the swim jets at the touch of a button.

Allows for quick adjustment to the level of fitness the swimmer is accustomed to from Novice to Triathlete.

Adjustable Speed

Thoughtful Shell Design


No protruding steps or seats in swim area.

Complete Loop Current Design. Stabilisation Jets.

Consistently smooth water. No back splash.

Reinforced sides.

Great for Rehabilitation.


Canadian Spa Company’s Exclusive Aquatic Cross Training Programs

 Canadian Spa’s Aquatic Cross Training Sessions are a great way to bring the traditional gym workout into the back garden with the added benefits of water. These are low impact aquatic exercises that will deliver a big difference in your overall fitness. Exercises using water pressure in a swim spa puts less strain on your heart by moving blood around your entire body. To enhance your workout experience even more see our fitness accessories.

Here is a small selection of Aquatic Exercises...


Freestanding Squats Against Current


Aquatic Biceps Curls


Core Rotation with Fan Paddles


Reverse Flies with Fan Paddles


Underwater Flies with Webbed Gloves


Russian Twists with Tether Bands


Floating Knee Tucks with Floating Waist Belt


Back Rows with Tether Bands


Standing Cross Body Knee Drives


Front Raise / Lower Lateral with Web Gloves


Shoulder Lateral Raise with Tether Bands


Unilateral Fast Speed Rows Underwater


Shoulder Lateral Raise with Dumb Bells


Chest Press with Fan Paddles & Swim Jet On


Step Ups - Using Steps In Swim Spa


Walking Lunges Against Current


Standing Side Leg Raises


Chest Press with Tether Bands


Triceps Extension with Tether Bands


Shoulder Press with Tether Bands


Aquatic Fitness Easy Right In Your Own Back Garden



Full Body Workout

This is for people who are either completely new or somewhat new to aquatic exercise training. A beginner is anyone who

has been dry training for less than 6 months and are just starting out with their Swim Spa. We start you with a set of designed performance exercises consisting of general overall workout that stretch and work your entire body, then take you through a full range of focused exercises working specific areas. Our goal is to increase your overall balance, strength and endurance using dumb bells, web gloves, fan paddles and exercise bar.




Full Body Workout

This is the next level up. If you have been aquatic exercising consistently for the last 6 months or more, then you most likely can start at this level.

At this point, intermediates would have already used some type of beginner program that allowed them to build up some base level of balance, strength, muscle, improved workout capacity and endurance, and perfected their form on every exercise done thus far.

At this level the addition of resistance and tether bands and working against the swim spa’s jets for resistance is utilised. This is the category that the majority of the population falls into.




Full Body Workout

The Advanced Level to this program would be considered the highest aquatic Cross Training experience offered.

The people exercising at this level of advanced training are extremely close to reaching their peak physical potential.

When your body has almost improved as much as it can,

you are considered advanced. The person working out at this level is driven and probably involved in other sports. At this level you are now using the attributes of the swim spa to its full potential utilising the jets for increased resistance, standing and working through the exercises free and clear of any support for balance. This program has also been divided into a three day cycle so that each day of exercising focuses on a specific area of your body.


Get Into The Perfect Shape Cross-Train Fitness Manual...

Your Canadian Spa Company Swim Spa Exclusive Comprehensive Training Guide to get the most out of your Swim Spa and yourself. The Perfect Guide to better well-being.


Immerse Yourself…in Luxury.

Raising the Standards in Design, Comfort & Massage.

Canadian Spa Company is one of the largest swim spa manufacturers in the world and is committed to building superior swim spas utilising the latest technologies, with the latest environmental practices. Our research and development team is always striving to be on the leading edge of innovation and design.


Designed with you in mind

Step into your comfort zone

The science of your massage

10 Year Worry-Free structural Guarantee

Premium Lights package

Raised hot tub floor

Canadian Spa Company’s Exclusive Mountain Pure Auto-Cleaning Technology


Safe water guarantee

The world’s easiest swim spa to maintain. The Auto-Cleaning System automatically filters the water by 4 out of every 12 hours but can be adjusted to as high as continuous filtration in high bather load environments.

Multi-Level Circulation


The design of our seating and the strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer.

Boosts the efficiency of our auto-cleaning system.

No need to vacuum the swim spa as multi-level water flow helps disturb debris.

Water-care products are more effectively circulated.

Removes heavy contamination (such as dirt & grit).

New 200ft ft filter with Microban and silver ion for increased filtration. Results in extended cleaning cycles. Easy access while out of contact and sight from bathers.

No odour escapes during swim spa use. Introduction of Ozone which dramatically reduces sanitiser usage.


High Flow Skimmer & 200 SQ FT FILTRATION


Removes floating debris, oils and prevents larger debris from clogging the pump and heater.

Increases filtration.


Passive safety suction relief valves


Reassures your family’s safety and protection.


Customise Your Water-care System


Did you know...

You can either use a gravity fed drain or a submersible pump (sold separately) to drain the swim spa.

A submersible pump, pumps the swim spa water out at any distance or any grade. Saves time and the hassle associated with swim spa maintenance.


We have always been committed to create time for what matters…to you.

Canadian Spa Company’s Exclusive ThermalSprings Heat Reclamation System!

Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas are engineered to be the most energy efficient swim spa in the world.


Mountain Pure Auto-clean technology

Energy efficient filtration

Your Canadian Spa swim spa filters using much higher spec pumps on low speed than your average circulation pump. This means the swim spa does not have to be operating as long to filter the same amount of water as other swim spas.


The most energy efficient filtration system in the world.


ThermalSprings Hardcover

Made for Canadian Winters

2 x Heavy duty 5” to 3” thick tapered locking safety hard covers

insulated continuous heat seal in the fold area

locks the heat in and keeps the cold out

Insulated Thermal shield blanket

Nasa inspired technology

Triple thermal shield technology (cabinet, shell and base)

Reflective foil side of the thermal shield reflects the heat back into the swim spa.

Heat retention

Canadian Spa Company uses a unique combination of innovations to preventing heat loss and recycling water to save money and energy

3.0 kW Balboa* heater with smart sensors (shuts off heater within half a centigrade)

High-quality tough triple layer insulation with IR reflection + thermal transfer blocker package on shell, cabinet and base

Active Motor heat-retention

Closed cell high density foam to prevent heat loss through the acrylic shell

Thermal reclamation - Heat exchange Technology

Each pump creates waste heat and our double thermal shield blanket reflects that heat back into our swim spa cavity

  • The Perfect Back Garden Water Park
  • Perfect For Any Penthouse.
  • The Perfect Back Garden Addition


Great Standard Features And Installation Options


Standard Acrylic Colour: Silver Marble, a white with an understated marbling effect.


Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas come standard with our maintenance-free composite cabinet.

This premium quality cabinetry is installed onto a sturdy galvanised steel substructure for the ultimate in durability. In the unlikely event that you require access to the swim spa plumbing or equipment, all panels are removable for easy service access.


Dark brown: designed to be a match for rattan furniture.

*Swim Spa shell and cabinet colour may not be exactly as shown due to differences in lighting conditions.


Installation Options

Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas can be installed above or sunken into the ground at your preference. We require the ability to get 70cm to any panel over the life of the spa on request. In the case of sinking the swim spa into the ground this requires building a concrete put +70cm bigger on all sides and then decking up flush to the swim spa to give the desired effect.


Audio System As Standard

iPod/MP3 enabled music system

2 x Slow rising waterproof retractable speakers

3.5 mm connection sockets compatible with most MP3 players (standard headphone jack)

Built-in high fidelity amplifier delivering high volume with clear acoustics

Dedicated waterproof compartment to house your MP3 player (compatible with larger MP3/smart phones)

Covers As Standard

5” to 3” Thick industry leading Insulating Safety Hard Cover

This dual bi-folding 5” to 3” thick hard cover, is made from durable marine grade vinyl, when installed in the closed position it completely seals the top of the swim spa for improved energy efficiency. Locks are included for securing the cover and keeps curious children and pets out for improved safety and security.


Aromatherapy As Standard

Soothing scents provided by our new aromatherapy system will allow you to drift into the tranquillity of your own garden sanctuary.

As part of your total sensory swim spa experience, our state-of-the-art technology provides you the chance to change the mood and / or enhance your swim spa experience at the twist of a cap. It diffuses just the right amount of aromatherapy into the surrounding air without messing with your water chemistry and is available in a wide variety of pleasing and stimulating scents.


Premium Lights Package As Standard

This upgrade to LED lights offers strategically placed lighting that illuminate the water line, water body, waterfalls, speakers and more. They are brilliantly coloured and sequence through a range of colours when turned on or be locked on to one preferred colour. These lights are also complemented by LED lights that illuminate the waterfall jets discreetly from behind.


Included Swim Spa Steps

Three-Tier Step

Canadian Spa Company’s three tier swim spa step makes entering and exiting your swim spa safe and easy. These steps are available in a matching brown colour finish.

Ozone System As Standard

When mixed with water ozone is a highly effective oxidiser that assists in removing unwanted contaminants from the swim spa water.


Electrical Requirements

For your spa to be installed on the day of delivery, you need to arrange for a qualified electrician to be present at delivery and have installed a 50A cable, single phase with the appropriate gauge coming from an RCD, with live, neutral & earth wires available. The installers will test the spa on same day as delivery with the cable you provide but your electrician needs to sign off the installation before use.

Balboa Smart Phone App Compatible (requires Wi-Fi Receiver, Sold Separately)

The Smart Phone App that is designed as a wireless swim spa control which allows you to pick the water care settings that fits your schedule, adjust filtration, temperature settings and create the ideal swim spa experience from anywhere in the world. ** May not be exactly as shown and Smart Phone not included.


Industry Leading Guarantee

Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas are built to stand the test of time and offer an Industry Leading Guarantee package. For details on coverage please see the full warranty stated in our owner’s manual

We Have Been The Perfect Back Garden Retreat Around The World For Over 30 Years.


The Canadian Spa Company GoingGreen commitment.

Enhances your life in more ways than ever.

Canadian Spa Company’s GoingGreen Commitment allows our customers to rest comfortably knowing they are enjoying a premium hot tub or swim spa experience the will enhance the environment as well as their lives for years to come.

Canadian Spa Company is committed to minimising and neutralising the carbon emissions from our manufacturing processes. Our lean manufacturing initiatives are constantly reducing the size of our carbon footprint. .

Canadian Spa Company is committed to be on the leading edge of developing energy efficient technologies. Our unique Mountain Pure auto-cleaning, and ThermalSprings heat-reclamation systems enable us to provide the best energy efficiency on our swim spas

Environmentally responsible printing. Canadian Spa Company is committed to supporting responsibly managed forested in order to protect wildlife habitats, to ensure clean water and to keep our forests healthy for generations to come. Therefore, all of our corporately produced posters and brochures are printed by companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or FSC approved paper.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Canadian Spa Company is committed to reducing the waste that we send to landfills. In addition to the lean manufacturing initiatives which reduce and/or reuse waste materials we are also engaged in a corporate wide recycling program.


The Company Behind Every Swim Spa.

Canadian Spa Company originated over three decades ago and has become one of the largest Swim Spa and hot tub retailers and manufacturers in the world. Whether it’s our products, knowledgeable advice, or after sales service and support, our team must give

our customers not just great service but the best experience in the hot tub industry.

A company built on family values

Our vision is to continue to be a caring, viable, community-driven company.

We improve our customer’s quality of life by delivering a unique product and outstanding customer care.

Our pride of reputation ensures peace of mind and continuous commitment to our customers.

Sold worldwide

We meet or exceed all international standards with our swim spas and hot tubs and allows us to meet the rigorous safety standards.

Recognised worldwide for excellence and innovation

For over 30 years Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas and Hot Tubs have achieved unsurpassed recognition worldwide by setting the industry standards for swim spa and hot tub design and innovation. We have been awarded some of the most prestigious certifications and honours in the hot tub industry.

Our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction

A company you can trust. We stand behind every Canadian Spa Company swim spa and hot tub we manufactured since we began, we are an organisation over 30 years old, dedicated to excellence in customer service. Our customer satisfaction has reach such an incredible level that referrals generate over 25% of our business every year.

The Perfect Pool 365 Days A Year.


POWERFUL CURRENT - WhiteWater Jet delivery™ system

  • Current generator jets delivers a powerful continuous stream of water to aid straight and level swim:
  • 1 x ‘headstream jet’ provides up to 730 litres of water per minute giving maximum resistance in the swim
  • 2 x ‘shoulderstream jets’ provides an additional 360 litres per jet simultaneously allowing even resistance for a variety of swimming strokes
  • 2 x ‘profilestream jets’ delivering 730 litres per minute each to provide additional resistance to support you for a longer more pleasurable swim (effectively counteracting downward acting filtration currents)
  • 4 x pumps deliver up to a total of 2,920 litres per minute before air injection (for further pressure)
  • Variety of control options to allow you to configure the current to your personal preference

ENERGY EFFICIENT - Using ThermalSprings™ Heat Reclamation System

  • Canadian Spa Company uses a unique combination of innovations to preventing heat loss and recycling water to save money and energy
  • 3.0 kW Balboa* heater with smart sensors (shuts off heater within half a centigrade)
  • High-quality tough triple layer insulation with IR reflection + thermal transfer blocker package on shell, cabinet and base
  • Active Motor heat-retention
  • Closed cell high density foam to prevent heat loss through the acrylic shell
  • 2 x bi-folding 5” / 3” hard top winter cover with locking straps * BALBOA: Industry leading control system manufacturer with an unsurpassed reputation for delivering reliable spa components


  • While many manufactures scour the market for best prices Canadian Spa Company build spas with the best components
  • Spa shell - using Lucite with Microban™:
    • Strength, durability and toughness to withstand frequent use
    • Resistance to everyday wear and tear, stains, and superficial scratches
    • Resistance to UV, harsh weather, and many household chemicals
    • Easy to care qualities for light cleaning
    • Microban® antimicrobial product protection to keep the spa cleaner between cleanings
    • Fade resistant surface that feels comfortable against the skin
  • Spa structure:
    • Galvanised steel fully supporting frame that distributes weight evenly across the base of the spa
    • ‘Marine grade’ timber base to prevent rot and pest intrusion
    • Maintenance free PVC ‘wood effect cabinet’ with no sanding or staining required
    • Fibre glass reinforced shell
  • Spa components: Industry leading integrated Balboa; with control system, 3kW Balboa heater and top-side control
    • 4 x Custom designed pumps with 2.5” intake giving increased pressure per pump
    • 2.5” large bore piping - efficient plumbing
    • Variety of interchangeable massage jets with different massage styles
    • Easy grip jets allowing individual adjustment of pressure (artiritis friendly)
    • 9 x air valves delivering customisable air injection into the water allowing increased flow


  • Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas are easier to maintain than an ordinary swimming pool
    • Spa is always ready ‘year round’
    • Hard top cover prevents debris and insects from falling into the spa when not in use
    • The spa’s skimmer basket catches debris entering the water and passes it into the filter
    • Ozone generated by the integral UV ozonator reduces chemical consumption of the spa 

SELF CLEAN SPA - using Canadian Spa ‘Mountain Pure™’ system

  • Auto-cleaning water sanitation system with ozone purification which means that water is filtered first before reaching critical components.
    • 200sq.-ft membrane filter to sift contaminants from the water ( recommend changing annually)
    • Mazzi injected “slow flow” ozone system for effectiveness against bacteria
    • All Canadian Spa Company swim spa shells are made from Lucite® SPA with Microban®* which means your spa surface will stay cleaner between cleanings. * Microban protection inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the spa.


  • Premium spa lighting package
    • 2 x large underwater LED lights illuminating the body of water
    • 28 x perimeter (waterline) LED lights to enhance the spa ambience
    • 2 x backlit cascading waterfall LED lights
    • LED lit ‘slow rising’ speakers
    • Cabinet corner LED lights
    • Touch controlled synchronised lighting with mood effect options in a variety of colours


  • iPod/MP3 enabled music system
    • 2 x Slow rising waterproof retractable speakers
    • 3.5 mm connection sockets compatible with most MP3 players (standard headphone jack)
    • Built-in high fidelity amplifier delivering high volume with clear acoustics
    • Dedicated waterproof compartment to house your MP3 player (compatible with larger MP3/smart phones)


  • Canadian Spa offer the best of both worlds with this swim spa and all the benefits of a premium hot tub
    • Power can be shifted from the swim section of the spa to the hot tub zone.
    • 3 x 5HP + 1 x 4HP high current pumps allow the user to have a vigorous workout, a deep tissue massage or allocate water flow to the areas of your choice (this operation uses the spa’s single electrical system compared to other ‘dual zone’ spa products which can be more expensive than a hot tub and swim spa separately)


  • Anti-entrapment system to disengage the presssure from the suction drains in the event they become fully covered
  • Canadian Spa Company uses powerful spa pumps (located away from the swimmer) to deliver a tailored water flow as opposed to propeller flow driven system which is less flexible in directing current. In a propeller driven system the swimmer and propeller are in close proximity.



  • Electrical: 50 amps 
  • Water Capacity: 6475 L
  • Size: 500 x 228 x 137 cm
  • Seat Count: 7
  • Jet Count: 72
  • Pumps: 3 x 5 HP, 1 x 4 HP
  • Heater: 3 kW
  • Included: 5"/3" hardtop covers, 3 tier spa steps & installed filters.
  • Packaged Size: L502, W230, D149cm 
  • Packaged weight: 1460 kg



    • Customer to book Contractor to build base
    • Customer to book delivery (self collect or paid for)
    • Customer to book electrician
    • Customer to book crane hire (if required)
    • Agree costs
    • Customer to confirm with Canadian Spa the delivery date
    • Crane arrive
    • Hot Tub /Spa delivered
    • Electrician onsite for wiring spa
    • Fill spa with cold water to ‘headrest level’ (2 days)
    • Switch on power
    • Add chemicals to spa
    • Tutorial on using chemicals (PH levels)
    • Set temperature
    • Operation of contrl panels
    • Use of Air Venturis, Diverters, Adjustments
    • Call with questions



Please note that when we deliver the swim spa it will be on the back of a flatbed truck so will require either a crane or hiab to lift from the back of our truck to your desired location.



We don’t include a hiab/crange in the price of the standard delivery but this should be reassuring as the most local company would normally be the best price, as they are closer to you. Normally a hiab/crane lift company will give you a free quote to do the lift either by doing a free site survey or looking at your property on google maps. It’s worthwhile getting a few quotes as if they don’t have the vehicle to do it or are fully booked they will price themselves out instead of just saying no. All you will need to supply them with is the size and weight of the swim spa.


16ft Swim spa

Packaged Size L502, W230, D149cm.

Packaged weight: 1460 kg


Although it’s a big lump, the spa is a single lift so the hiab company are normally in and out in 45mins to 1hr so if you can catch them on a back load when they are in the area anyways it should bring down the quotes considerably. As a bench mark a hiab would cost about £200 - £400 and a crane would be £500 - £1500. We are very flexible with the time and date of the delivery so if a certain day and time is cheaper for the hiab we will sync up with that. If you have any questions on this just give us a call on 01293 812 040 and we would be happy to run you through it.


The swim spa requires an electrical cable capable of supplying 50 amps at the spa and we need live , neutral and earth wires available to connect into the spa (cable terminates at the hot tub end).  



Finally the swim spa requires an 6" concrete base which would need to cover the footprint of the spa.



I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that we are so pleased with our purchase of the swim spa; initially we were unsure if we would use the swim part of it but how wrong we were!!!! Not only do we use it regularly, but suddenly we see our family more often that we used to. What more can you ask than having a work out and then a spa while watching the sun go down (pure bliss). We would not hesitate to recommend the Swim Spa to anyone who was not entirely convinced that this was the unit they wanted.

From the moment we met the staff at Canadian Spa we knew we were in good hands.  So it didn't take us long to choose which swim spa to buy with all their help.  Delivery was when expected, even though in the morning when we woke up it was thick snow, everything went ahead as planned.  The staff are always on hand or if not they ring back straight away, if I have any questions. The swim spa has been an investment we have enjoyed and exercised in so much and plan to do a lot more in the future..

The man who delivered the swim spa was so helpful! He worked ever so hard with the men from the crane company by advising them where to lift it etc. Without his help, the delivery would have been much tougher. Can you please thank him for us. The swim spa is now working and all the little problems I've had you've only been a phone call away. Your service and back up are second to none. I would recommend anyone who wants a spa or a swim spa to deal with you. Thank you for all your help.

Just to say a lovely thank you for our new swim spa, It is as great as our previous two but even better...We are enjoying it immensely and as always delivery from the driver was excellent along with the service from the team in sales.

We purchased our spa just under two years ago to give ourselves a boost after a particularly difficult time. We had considered a hot tub, but decided we wanted to have more freedom to float and swim. After trying out the display spa at Canadian Spa Company’s offices in Redhill, we were hooked. The support we had from the company before, during, and after delivery was excellent, and we had personal help over the phone with the initial set-up, which was very straightforward. It didn’t take long for us to be enjoying the 16’ length and 72 jets of the spa, exercising with the swim and river jets, and relaxing with the massage jets. The added bonuses were the fantastic LED lighting system, creating a magical swimming atmosphere in the dark, and the MP3 speaker system. The spa is nearly two years old now, and has had regular use all year-round, including on Christmas and New Year’s Day! It is still a very big treat to have a swim and relaxing massage at the end of a hard day!


I have had the spa for over a year. Its a great asset to the house with loads of adjustable jets and the power of the exercise jet allows for a real swim (or a back beating massage) the lights and sound are a great addition... I am really not sure what to criticize as it works fine so far. The reason I went to Canadian spa was that they promised good aftercare and after a lot of research, a top spec product at a competitive price. I have contacted them quite a few times before and after installation with questions about accessories and jet functionality or control and they have absolutely been first class, friendly and attentive.  It sound like I am a fake poster when i read this and promoting the company. I am not but I like to criticize when its deserved and show appreciation when I have had a good experience. I hope it doesn't suddenly fall apart  tomorrow and I regret this but feel pretty confident about the spa and the customer relations after a year and a half. it would be good to have more color choices is the only negative I can think of. 

Both swimspa & sauna are great !! I’m using the swimspa as part of my 5 x a week fitness/ training -  HIIT and swim combined. And just enjoying the spa for the jet massage!

My swimspa is simply one of the best investments I’ve made in terms of lifestyle - who doesn’t love a hot tub!! - and enhancing fitness levels. It’s become an important & useful tool for me in training & preparing for endurance watersports. The jet technology design that Canadian Spa have created allows the swimmer / athlete to personalise the water flow so that the current matches the stroke and effort required for that particular workout (whether it’s working on stroke technique or a hard and fast HIIT session).
Overall I am delighted with this purchase and, along with the excellent service by Canadian Spa Co (from the first visit to ‘test drive’ the different swimspas, see the range and meet the crew) to instal and after-sales advice, I can happily recommend the company and their swimspas.

- Lee

We have now had our spa installed and running for just over three weeks. We did a lot of research before choosing the Canadian Spa Company to buy our spa from and I have to say that we have not been disappointed.

It can be quite a stressful time deciding to buy such a large item but right from the start the staff at Canadian Spa have been very helpful and always ready to give advice to newbies like us.

The installation went without a hitch and so far my wife is happy to tell anyone that it is the best thing money can buy!

When we have had to call with enquiries about chemicals, lights, pumps, anything at all Xavier and his staff are always there to put us back on track. Highly recommended. - Martin, Sidcup

I'm sure you are already aware that our Swim Spa was delivered on Wednesday by Graham and Mike and it all went well.

Just wish to thank you and the team from the very beginning to the delivery all was a pleasure and we are delighted with the product.

We filled out your customer service satisfaction form and obviously gave a positive review. We will definitely recommend not only this product but your whole range, as not all swim spas on the market are to this quality and standard.

Please pass our kind regards to the team. I will be thanking Tony on a separate email, but once again thank you

Richard and Heather, Exeter

So Pleased

I brought this in September last year and it is amazing.
We enjoyed getting in throughout the winter and are now enjoying the summer sun.
It looks amazing in our garden and we are very happy with the swim spa. - Loraine