29ft Dual Temperature Swim Spa Fitness ETrainer

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Experience the smooth, fully adjustable Canadian Spa swim current driven by our new propulsion system. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace. If you're serious about swimming and fitness, this 29ft Swim Spa ETrainer model delivers a premium option.

Seating capacity: 1 lounger and 5 seats

Acrylic Shell: Lucite

Gross weight with pack: 3580kg

Swim spa weight (dry): 2150kg

Total jets: 38

LED illuminated Waterfalls : x 2

Bluetooth: Yes

Speakers: Yes

Heater: 3.0KW x 2

Rowing points and accessories: Yes

Tether pole and harness accessories : Yes

Pumps: 5HP x 2 + Propulsion System

Waterfall controller: x 2

Size: 880 x 226 x155 cm

Capacity: 13,800L

Power requirements: 50amp + 50amp + 32amp

Further details coming soon. In the meantime here is a customer testing out the new propulsion system in our UK showroom.