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Buying a Spa

What is an Ozone Water Care System?

The Ozone Water Care System is a hygiene maintenance system. It operates with an Ozonator unit that produces ozone bubbles that are injected into the spa water. The ozone, through the process of oxidation, removes contaminants such as lotions, detergents and organic waste out of the spa water, improving water quality. 

Where is the best place for my spa? 

Ours spas require a flat, level, solid foundation that is capable of evenly supporting the weight of the filled spa and the users. This will typically be a concrete base poured specifically for the spa, but our spas can also be installed on structurally sound decking. 

We require that each spa panel has 70cm of access; this does not have to be permanent, so long as any given panel can have 70cm of access upon request of a service engineer. 

Consider the proximity of any power supplies – do not place your spa where water could splash into a socket. 

How will my spa be delivered?

If you have kerbside delivery, we will send your spa out with our pallet company - your spa will be left safely by the front of your house.

If you have our installation delivery, two of our delivery drivers will be dispatched with your spa. They will safely unload your spa and install it in your prepared location. They will also demonstrate the controls of the spa.


Owning a Spa

Which filter do I need for my spa? 

Each spa page contains a Replacement Filter link beneath the Specification - a full list of compatible spas is also present on each filter page. 

Where can I buy Spa Shock? 

Spa Shock has been discontinued in the UK.

Should I turn off my spa between uses? 

No. Our spas are designed to be left running when not in use, as this is more energy efficient than reheating the water. This also means the spa is ready whenever you want to use it, instead of having to wait.

The only time it is more cost-effective to turn off your spa is if you are planning to not use your spa for a considerable time (i.e. over winter), in which case the spa should also be drained.


Other Questions

Who do I contact for assistance? 

Please call our Customer Service department at 01293 824 094, email us at xavier.labelle@canadianspacompany.com, or Submit A Support Ticket. 

My question hasn't been answered!
Please log a support ticket about your question by going to the Submit A Support Ticket page, accessible through the link or by navigating to the Service dropdown menu and selecting Submit A Support Ticket. Alternatively, you can call us on 01293 824 094.