Antimicrobial Portable Spa Filters - 4 Pack

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4x15ft² Antimicrobial filters
This is a pack of 4 15ft² Antimicrobial filters, suitable for all portable Canadian Spas (both V1 and V2 units from 2013 onwards).

These high quality cartridges filter out unwanted dirt and grime, optimising pump performance by protecting the pump and heater from dirt which could cause damage and reduce its lifespan. The cartridges can be easily cleaned and reused thanks to their high quality material blend.

Filters should be cleaned weekly and replaced every 4-6 weeks as per the manufacturer's recommended replacement schedule, or when showing signs of wear.



  • Antimicrobial fights and inhibits bacteria growth in your hot tub
  • Silver Ion infused plastic does not allow for bacteria build up in or around filter
  • Fine mesh pre-filter acts as first defence against spa water contaminants
  • Less frequent filter replacement schedule
  • Cleaner water overall
  • Easy to clean pleats and pre-filter


Replacement Filters for the Following Spas:

  • Swift Current (Version 1 & 2) Portable Spas
  • Rio Grande (Version 1 & 2) Portable Spas
  • Grand Rapids (Version 1 & 2) Portable Spas
  • Muskoka 2013 onwards (Version 1 & 2) Portable Spas
  • Prompt Spa