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Big Red LX 5HP 2-Speed Pump WP500-II

Big Red LX 5HP 2-Speed Pump WP500-II


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5HP Canadian Spa  WP500-11 Pump - 2 speed comes with a 2.5” x 2.5” wet end

Specialized version with a 2.5-inch suction connection and a 2.5” flow outlet. Used ONLY on Canadian Spas.

Canadian Spa pumps provide value for money with HIGH performance. They can be used in place of more expensive pumps.

Canadian Spa 5HP Massage Pump

CANADIAN SPA CO. Massage Pump "Big Red" 5PS WP500-II

CANADIAN SPA CO. Massage Pump "Big Red" 5PS WP500-II

Our Big Red massage pump is a super-strong high-performance whirlpool pump with a connection from 2.5 to 2.5 inches. The 2-stage whirlpool massage pump ensures a constant and powerful water transport and thus an effective massage. The pump head of this pump is specially made for our hot tubs. The pump is "state of the art" in the whirlpool area with 2 connections of 2.5 inches, because so a lot of water can really get into the jets for the massage. The maximum flow rate is 1120 liters per minute.

Full control is in your hands. Choose between a gentle, calming current or a powerful, dynamic flow of water. With two speed settings, you can customize your relaxation or refreshment as you wish.

The pump works quietly in the background while you protect the environment and your wallet. The easy connection to your hot tub's filtration system makes the installation process a breeze. In addition, the massage pump is durable and energy efficient.

  • Power reference: 5.0 HP 2 speed
  • Power:Volts: 230 Hz: 50 Amps Low / High Speed: 3.2 / 10.0 RPM Low / High: 4.5 /15.0
  • Plumbing connections: 2.5 inch
  • Electrical connections: Comes with plain 4 core cable attached. 2 x Phase, 1 x Common Neutral + Earth.
  • Dimensions: 435 mm Height: 261 mm Depth: 209mm

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