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2" x 2" 2HP 2-speed Pump WP200-II

2" x 2" 2HP 2-speed Pump WP200-II


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2HP pump fitted to Saskatoon and Okanagan spas. LX pump model WP200 2-Speed. 2in suction 2in discharge.

25 x 46 x 31cm

  • The pump included in this product is a 2-speed pump that is suitable for use in your Spa or Hot Tub. When you're bathing, the high speed should be used for JETS or Boost operation, while the low speed should be used to heat and filter the spa's water.

    To connect the pump wet end to your plumbing system, 2-inch plumbing unions with a 78mm outside thread diameter can be used, and 2-inch flat gaskets can be used to seal the connections.

    The pump wet end can be easily rotated from its standard 12 O'clock position to either a 3 O'clock or 9 O'clock position by removing the four bolts that attach the wet end to the motor.

    When it comes to wiring, this replacement WP200-II LX pump comes with a new cable, but you may need to swap the cable from your old LX pump as control box connection types can vary between spa brands. There are four wires to note: two live wires for high and low speeds (Red, Brown, or Black), Neutral (Blue or White), and Earth (Green). If you require a new cable for your new hot tub pump, you can find related products available.

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