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APW900 Heated Air Blower (PART# 806-2)

APW900 Heated Air Blower (PART# 806-2)


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LX APW900 heated air blower is fitted extensively throughout the Canadian Spa Company hot tub range. It’s a useful alternative to replace other makes and models of air blowers in other manufacturer’s hot tubs.

APW900 Heated Air Blower complete with cable of length approx. 2m length and fitted AMP connector. Heater is 300 watt. Connection is male screw thread for 1-½ inch pipework. Includes new union connector (should you need it) that glues onto your pipework. Check valves (non return valves) must be fitted in the blown air pipework run to avoid the risk of water flowing back into the blower. Your spa should also have a loop in the blown air pipework (it’s called a Hartford Loop) that extends higher than the waterline, and it’s designed to prevent water flowing back into the blower.

Voltage/Frequency :220V-240V/50Hz; 110V-120V/50Hz
Power (W): :900
Current (A): :4.5
Max pressure (m): :0.022
Max air flow (m3/min) :5.7
Noised B(A) :85
Nozzles :20-40
Fuse inside motor (A) :7.5 (230V) 10 (110V)


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