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Balboa GS501SZ Spa Control Box 3.0kw


This GS501SZ Balboa control box allows you to control a spa that either has a two pump or one pump and air blower system. This can be used as a replacement for an existing GS501SZ control box or used as part of a retro fit system when combined with a Serial Standard Balboa topside control panel.


This control box comprises of circuit board, 3kw heater with the latest M7 sensor Technology.


* Note: This control box is only compatible with Balboa Serial Standard Topside Control Panels *


This Control Box Operates

- Pump 1 - One Speed or Two Speed (One Speed in Circ Pump Used)

- Pump 2 - One Speed or Air Blower

- Circ Pump - 24hr Operation (Used as low speed on Pump 1)

- Air Blower - ON/OFF (If no Pump2)

- Ozone - Yes

- Heater - 3Kw M7

- Light - 12 Volt

- TV / Radio - 230 Volt Point Available

- Flow Detection - Latest M7 Sensors


Electrical Connections

Components such as pumps are plugged directly onto the PCB with AMP connectors.


Plumbing Connections

2 Inch socket unions at each end of the heater assembly to be glued onto 2 inch pipe (60mm diameter). When replacing existing control box simply remove socket unions and thread onto the existing pipework on your spa.

 Compatible Canadian Spa Topside Controls

VL200 4 button and 3 Button


VL404 3 button 

VL404 2 button 


Manufacturers Part Number

 Balboa Water Group - 54515

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