Hot Tub Submersible Clean Water Pump

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1" diameter hose required.

Automatic Float Switch The practical float switch will immediately switch off the pump water once the water level reaches a defined level

Lightweight This pump is housed in a compact and lightweight case, making it portable and easy to carry around

Multi-purpose Empyting hot tubs Filling water tanks Washing cars Filling fish water tanks Watering gardens & fields Pumping from wells

The pump is intended for pumping rainwater, fresh water, mains water and chlorinated hot tubs, swimming pool water.

It must not be used for the drinking water supply or for the delivery of foodstuffs.
Explosive, flammable, aggressive or health-hazardous substances and faecal matter must not be pumped.

The pump is not suitable for commercial or industrial use. The pump is not suitable for continuous running (e. g. permanent circulation in filter systems). It is also not suitable for use with liquids containing abrasive materials (e. g. sand) or containing mixtures of dirt, sand, mud or clay.


Technical data:

Rated voltage: 230V/50HZ

Rated power: 400W

Protection type: IPX8

Max. supply height: 7m

Max. flow rate: 7500 L/Hr

Max. submersion depth: 5m

Max. temperature of liquid: 45ºC

Pressure pipe diameter /

Pipe connection: 1" G1" 1-¹/4" G1-¹/2"

Grain size: 5mm