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Universal Repair Cover Clip (set 4x) - Twist Key Type

Universal Repair Cover Clip (set 4x) - Twist Key Type


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 These hot tub cover clips protect the hot tub covers from potential wind damage, which are ideal replace for your missing, broken or old cover latches

Clip closes and opens without key. Locks with standard twist key.

4x Male clip
4x Female clip
2x Key
8x Fixing screws

Replaces missing or broken cover latches

This hot tub cover lock set is crafted from premium POM plastic, renowned for its strength, durability, and impact resistance. It maintains its shape well and promises a prolonged lifespan. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, it offers reliable performance and safety.

 Easy to install. Good replacement for the broken or old cover clip

The repair kit includes: 4 spa latches (strap buckle & lock), 4 slides, 4 keys and 8 self 304 stainless steel tapping screws. Easy to install, the male clip has a slot, it is no need to cut and can install strap directly, and the screws are used for fixing the female clip

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