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Balboa BP2100H Circuit Board P/N: 56750/59214

Balboa BP2100H Circuit Board P/N: 56750/59214


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The Balboa BP2100 PCB is compatible with BP2100 control box. Topside controls from the serial standard TP range such as the TP900, TP800, TP600 and TP400.

This PCB is used as a replacement for an existing BP2100 series control box 

Pump1: Single or dual speed pump + circulation pump if required.
Pump2: Single or dual speed
Pump3: Single or dual speed
Air Blower: x 1 (optional)
Heater: x 1 (3kW)
Ozone: x 1
Light: x1, 10v @ 1amp Max
Radio, TV/AV: Point available
Feature: Designed for use with WiFi receiver for iPhone operation.


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