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Deluxe Spa Vacuum Kit

Deluxe Spa Vacuum Kit


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This Spa Vacuum was designed to be a simple, inexpensive solution for cleaning your spa or pool of those small particles that get stuck in the corners or in the seats and footwells. Our Deluxe Vacuum is light, portable and durable - making it the easiest way to hoover your spa without the needing to drain it.

No power supply, hoses, or water supply needed.
Just place in the water and pump the handle to create underwater suction. The water will be sucked into the vacuum and through an inbuilt filter then returned to the spa minus the debris!

Comes with 3 attachments:

  1. Flat nozzle
  2. Removable brush attachment
  3. Surface debris net attachment.

A wall-mounted holder is included to hang up your vacuum and accessories (Screws not Included)

Don't let silt and gravel ruin your spa experience!

Spa vac assembly instructions

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