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Toronto 44-Jet 5-6 Person Hot tub (Demo) 1 pump

Toronto 44-Jet 5-6 Person Hot tub (Demo) 1 pump


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"These demonstration spas are a fantastic offer, giving you the chance to bring the luxury of a spa right into your own home at a considerably reduced cost. They have never been used and only have some minor cosmetic imperfections or scratches, which won't impact their functionality. These imperfections are purely aesthetic, offering you the same high-quality performance as a pristine model.

What's more, each spa comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. This means you'll have peace of mind knowing that any potential issues are covered, providing additional assurance on your investment.

One primary difference between this model and the new Toronto UV is the pump configuration. This demonstration model is equipped with a single pump, as opposed to the dual pump system found in the Toronto UV. This variation does not influence the power of the water jets and the overall energy efficiency. However, a single pump system is still perfectly capable of providing a thoroughly enjoyable spa experience.

Please remember that even though these are demonstration models, they've never been used before. You're essentially getting a new product, with all the features and benefits, at a fraction of the cost due to minor aesthetic imperfections. This is a rare opportunity to own a premium product for less, making it an attractive choice for those seeking the spa experience without the full price tag."

The Toronto Hot Tub, by Canadian Spa Company, is a great all-around spa that is perfect for family’s looking for it all. It features various seating styles for 6, including a full-length lounger, a 3-seater bench, and a deep captain's chair. The Toronto is packed with 44 adjustable and interchangeable hydrotherapy jets, powered by 4HP pumps to provide a deep tissue massage to relax sore muscles and joints. Our spas use Glacier filtration and a built-in ozone generator to keep your water crystal clear without hassle- letting you focus on enjoying your time in the spa, rather than caring for it! The Toronto offers unbeatable value through its combination of seating capacity, quality, features and design. The spa's LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth audio, aromatherapy system, and cascading waterfall, create a full-sensory experience, making it the perfect complement to your backyard!

  • Latest digital controls from Balboa
  • 16.4 amp, 4 horsepower pumps deliver a strong hydrotherapy massage that will be sure to soothe tired muscles
  • Perimeter multi-coloured LED mood lighting, cascading waterfall, and built-in aromatherapy canister
  • Upgraded entertainment system equipped with speakers, digital MP3 audio and Bluetooth audio stream sound systems 
  • Multiple style seat variations including a No-float lounger with adjustable directional and massage jets
  • Glacier filtration system – includes Glacier Antimicrobial silver ion embedded filters, an Ozone generator, Mazzei injector and an Ozone mixing chamber which ensures crystal clear water. Our tubs are also UV ready­­
  • Insulated with high-density closed cell foam, foam curtain and infrared reflective material lining each of the cabinets -Made for Canadian winters!

Electrical 220V/32A  
Weight 900 lbs (Dry), 3350 lbs (Filled)
Water Capacity 1110 L
Jet Count 44
Seat Count 6
Size 84" x 84" x 32" (214 x 214 x 82 cm)
Pump 4 HP (continuous duty)
Heater 3 kW
5"/3" hardtop cover, Antimicrobial Glacier filters, and curbside delivery  








  • The latest digital controls from Balboa
  • Digital MP3 audio sound system with pop-up LED speakers, perimeter multi-coloured LED mood lighting, cascading waterfall, and built-in aromatherapy canister
  • Ozone water purification system along with Glacier filtration ensures crystal-clear water
  • 2 x 50ft² Antimicrobial Silver Ion Glacier filters
  • No-float lounger
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • Insulated with high-density closed cell 

One of the most versatile designs in the Canadian Spa lineup, the Toronto offers a finely sculpted therapy seat, a roomy lounger and a cosy corner nook for a relaxing evening. With this diverse selection of seating styles prioritising comfort, everyone can find a favourite.

A built-in aromatherapy system mixes warm luscious air with aromatherapy beads to release your choice of soothing scents while two slow-rise waterproof Bluetooth speakers play your favourite songs.

The Toronto uses 2 x 50ft² of antimicrobial filtration along with a built-in ozone generator to keep your water crystal clear without hassle. The multi-coloured LED lighting provides you with the perfect way to truly unwind after a long day.

All Canadian Spa Company Spas provide an unbeatable combination of great value, high-end features, and sleek modern design sure to satisfy any household.

 Click Here for Replacement Filters for the Toronto


  • Digital Controls
  • Ergonomically designed seating
  • Beautiful LED-backlit cascading waterfall
  • Built-in aromatherapy canister to house your favourite relaxing scents
  • Ozone water purification system
  • Glacier filtration ensures crystal-clear water
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • 2 x 50ft² Antimicrobial Glacier filters
  • Includes 5" to 3" thick hardtop cover, filters and kerbside delivery



Ozone Sanitation


Audio System

Adjustable Jets

LED Lighting





44 adjustable hydro massage jets connected to a WhiteWater Jet Delivery System powered by a strong 4 HP pump. Oversized pipework within the spa and tailored air controls allow for added pressure - completely customise your massage to target the muscles you need.


LED Mood Lighting

The Aurora™ Premium LED Mood Lighting system features full control over the multicoloured lighting system in the spa - including perimeter lights, large underwater LEDs and the beautiful LED-backlit cascading waterfall.



Relax to your favourite sounds with the audio system. The two slow-rise waterproof retractable speakers have built-in high-fidelity amplifiers, delivering high volumes with clear acoustics. Keep your connected device safe in the dedicated waterproof compartment.



Intuitive Digital Controls

The extra large overlay pad of the advanced digital control panel makes operating your spa a dream - easily adjusts jets, pumps and temperature with the simple touch of a button for a reliable and speedy performance.


Automatic Cleaning

Never worry about your spa’s hygiene with Canadian Spa’s Mountain Pure™ sanitation system. 2 x 50ft² of antimicrobial filtration sifts contaminants from the water and in combination with the ozone purification system ensures your spa is always filled with crystal clear water. The acrylic shell inhibits the growth of bacteria, leaving your spa cleaner for longer. Water is filtered before reaching critical components to reduce the risk of damage.


Energy Efficient

With a unique combination of innovations, the ThermalSprings™ Heat Reclamation System is designed to save money and energy by preventing heat loss and recycling sanitised water. High-density foam constructed of closed cells within the spa shell aids the active motor heat retention to reduce heat loss through the acrylic shell. The 3kW Balboa heater is equipped with accurate smart sensors, able to shut off the heater within half a degree of your desired temperature. High-quality triple-layer insulation with infra-red reflection and thermal transfer blocks are present on the shell, cabinet and base of the spa. A strong and durable Canadian Spa hard-top winter-suitable cover with a heat-trapping skirt and locking straps is included with the spa.


Weather Resistant

Built of sturdy and durable acrylic, your spa’s shell is made to withstand years of outdoor life - both through the coldest depths of winter and the heavy heat of summer. Our spas are able to withstand almost any weather conditions and are suitable for outdoor use all year round.


Persons 6 adults
Jets 44
Pump 2 speed  4HP  15 amp
Size 213 x 213 x 82cm (84" x84" x 32")
Dry Weight 380 kg (840 lbs)
Filled Weight 1380 kg (3040 lbs)
Water Capacity 1000 litres
Electrics Requires 230 V/32 Amp RCD breaker (not included)
Filter 2 x 50ft² Antimicrobial
Heater 3kW Balboa
Material Acrylic
Sound System audio system 
Lighting LED Mood Lighting
Warranty 2 years
Included Hardtop Locking Insulating Cover, Ozone Sanitisation System, 2 x 50ft² Antimicrobial filters, LED Mood Lighting, Aromatherapy System, Kerbside Delivery




I am a tough customer to please but these guys went out of their way to help and explain every detail prior to purchase and were very careful to ensure every detail.

When the product arrived, the delivery team could not do enough for us. They explained everything and put it together quickly.

The product is very robust and high quality. You can see why it is Canadian with its massive easily removed insulating cover and brilliant childproof safety locking system. The actual spa will blow you away. It's numerous led lighting effects change the colour and mood from crazy strobe to mellow blue and many in between. There is even a waterfall! Best of all it has pop-up illuminated speakers which slowly rise up from the corners and really are a genius touch. Just set your iPod volume level, pop it in the special waterproof dock, decide on a mood colour, jump in and chill out.

Each of the jets is adjustable and most can be shut off or directed where you want, allowing more or less power where you prefer. The hardest part is knowing at some point I have to get out, they even make that easy with a convenient step system.

Thank you Canadian Spa Co this is the best product I have bought in years. Quality products and the best customer service if only all companies were like this!

Thank you to a very professional company. A very comprehensive demonstration settled our minds 100% on the Toronto Aurora beating all the competition at a very reasonable price, too. Canada Spa proved to be proficient beyond belief and delivered our tub with amazing efficiency. Within a few days, we have road tested the spa with several friends and it performed beautifully.

We would highly recommend Canada SPA and the Toronto tub. It is well-loaded with features and is exactly what you expect from a highly specialised company. The aftercare and post-sales has been excellent and hopefully will set us up for many years of enjoyment. - Mark Day

Great 5* Experience from start to finish.
After initially buying a blow-up hot tub (with water jets) and finding that it helped immensely with my shoulder injuries, we decided to invest in a real one after much research - it is definitely a minefield out there; horror stories of broken leaking tubs, bad customer service etc. etc.
Well I can honestly say our experience with Canadian Spa was second to none.
Even well before purchase, everyone at Canadian spa was so helpful, both by phone and email. Everything I asked was answered in detail including where the parts and tubs are manufactured and noise levels as we did not want to annoy our neighbours.
Xavier especially helped me so much in the beginning and provided all the information I could ask for. All this provided confidence that I was dealing with the right company and I am fussy.
Now regarding delivery. There was no easy access to the rear garden so after several emails with Tony, and sending some pictures, I was told it would need a Hiab to lift the tub over a neighbour's garden or my garage.

Initially, I was trying to sort a Hiab in my locality, but due to issues sourcing this, Tony went out of his way to arrange for their specialist delivery agent, Gary, to deliver the Spa using his Hiab..

On delivery day, it was decided the best way to get the Spa into the garden was over the garage. Again Gary filled me with confidence that he knew exactly what he was doing and slotted the tub easily into the garden and directly into the correct location.
The connection was a breeze and Gary explained how everything worked, including the water treatment processes.
Due to the initial setup finishing well into the evening and being at work this morning, I am yet to try the new Spa but everything is ready for tonight.
I did have time to try the audio with my phone, which sounds great and unexpectedly now seems to come with a USB socket for power and a Bluetooth connection.
I suggest anyone purchasing a Toronto Spa or any Spa remembers to buy a complete chemical kit (I purchased the deluxe kit), some filter cleaning solution and a spare set of filters as this will make maintenance much easier.
So, many thanks to Xavier, Tony, Adam, and Gary, and anyone else I missed who took my phone calls from Canadian Spa.
Great service and a great product!

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