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Yukon 16-Jet 2-Person Hot Tub

Yukon 16-Jet 2-Person Hot Tub


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Presenting the Yukon, the ideal spa solution for those with a busy lifestyle! Its low-maintenance nature, lightweight construction, and flexible placement options - on any surface, deck, or patio, in any weather - make the Yukon an easy choice. Simply plug it into a conventional 13 AMP outdoor socket, and your NEW Yukon transforms into a truly portable retreat. What's more, if you ever decide to move, your wellness investment moves with you!

Tailored to meet the demands of the contemporary consumer, the Yukon boasts a compact footprint, requiring fewer chemicals and less water testing, making it a greener choice. Its outstanding energy efficiency ensures a sustainable spa experience. For those who value a personal and private spa time, the Yukon offers the ultimate sanctuary. It's perfect for those who cherish a private spa water experience, devoid of neighbours or friends, setting the stage for intimate spa moments.

The Canadian Spa Company's Yukon Plug & Play Spa is designed to fit almost anywhere. This compact yet spacious spa is loaded with features typically found in a full-sized spa and comfortably accommodates two adults.

Equipped with 16 adjustable stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, this energy-efficient spa is effortless to install. Just plug it into any standard socket and embark on your relaxation journey instantly!

The Yukon utilises a 35ft² filtration system alongside a built-in ozone generator to ensure your water stays crystal clear with minimal effort. The multi-coloured LED lighting, an elegant waterfall, and an integrated audio system provide the perfect atmosphere to truly unwind after a long day.

As with all Canadian Spa Company Spas, the Yukon Plug & Play Spa offers an unbeatable mix of excellent value, high-end features, and modern design, ensuring it meets the expectations of any household.


  • Digital controls
  • Plugs directly into a standard 13 A household socket (needs to supply full 13amps at spa) – electrician not required
  • Beautiful LED-backlit cascading waterfall
  • Bluetooth audio system
  • Ozone water purification system
  • Glacier filtration ensures crystal clear water
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • 35ft² Antimicrobial filter
  • Includes 5" to 3" hardtop cover, filters and Kerbside delivery



Ozone Sanitation

Audio System

Adjustable Jets

LED Lighting





16 adjustable hydro massage jets connected to a WhiteWater Jet Delivery System powered by a strong 4 HP pump. Oversized pipework within the spa and tailored air controls allow for added pressure - completely customise your massage to target the muscles you need.



LED Mood Lighting

The Aurora™ Premium LED Mood Lighting system features full control over the multicoloured lighting system in the spa - including perimeter lights, large underwater LEDs and the beautiful LED-backlit cascading waterfall.




Relax to your favourite sounds with the Bluetooth audio system. The two slow-rise waterproof retractable speakers have built-in high fidelity amplifiers, delivering high volumes with clear acoustics. Keep your connected device safe in the dedicated waterproof compartment.



Intuitive Digital Controls

The extra large overlay pad of the advanced digital Balboa control panel makes operating your spa a dream - easily adjusts jets, pumps and temperature with the simple touch of a button for a reliable and speedy performance.




Automatic Cleaning

Never worry about your spa’s hygiene with Canadian Spa’s Mountain Pure™ sanitation system. 35ft² of filtration sifts contaminants from the water and in combination with the ozone purification system ensures your spa is always filled with crystal clear water. The acrylic shell inhibits the growth of bacteria, leaving your spa cleaner for longer. Water is filtered before reaching critical components to reduce the risk of damage.



Energy Efficient

With a unique combination of innovations, the ThermalSprings™ Heat Reclamation System is designed to save money and energy by preventing heat loss and recycling sanitised water. High-density foam constructed of closed cells within the spa shell aids the active motor heat-retention to reduce heat loss through the acrylic shell. The 2kW Balboa heater is equipped with accurate smart sensors, able to shut off the heater within half a degree of your desired temperature. High-quality triple-layer insulation with infra-red reflection and thermal transfer blocks are present on the shell, cabinet and base of the spa. A Canadian Spa 5” to 3” thick hard-top winter-suitable cover with a 5” skirt and locking straps is included with the spa.



Weather Resistant

Built of sturdy and durable acrylic, your spa’s shell is made to withstand years of outdoor life - both through the coldest depths of winter and the heavy heat of summer. Our spas are able to withstand almost any weather conditions and are suitable for outdoor use all year round.


Persons 2 adults
Jets 16
Pumps 4HP
Size 213 x 100 x 74 cm (84" x 40" x 29")
Dry Weight 190 kg (419 lbs)
Filled Weight 600 kg (1320 lbs)
Water Capacity 790 litres
Electrics 13 Amp Plug & Play
Filter 35ft² Antimicrobial
Heater 2kW Balboa
Material Acrylic
Sound System Audio system with Bluetooth connection
Lighting LED Mood Lighting
Warranty 2 year
Included Hardtop Locking Insulating Cover, Ozone Sanitisation System, 35ft² Antimicrobial filter, LED Mood Lighting, Kerbside Delivery



Great buy. Everything works as it should. Good tub easy to setup. Comes with speakers, lights and place to put your iPod

I made the purchase of this spa in April 2013 and I have put off writing a review so as to accurately submit my findings. The spa is exceptional... Ranging from it's therapeutic value, ease of operation, maintenance, operational cost, and overall enjoyment. I have also found the Canadian Spa Company representatives to be helpful, informative and professional. Highly recommended.

I am still enjoying my Yukon Spa. I still use almost every day, even during winter. My cat also enjoys it, he loves laying on the cover all day and I think resents me when I push him off to get in it. I attached one of your cover lifters to it which I would recommend to anyone regardless of spa size, it makes using it so much easier. No problems with spa, seems very reliable and very well made, unlike other makes I looked at when buying one. I picked up the spa directly from you in my VW Transporter van - another advantage of the Yukon in that it fits into such a sized van.

The only minor complaint I would have of your company is that when I ordered some of the test strips from you they were all past their use-by date, although they seem to work ok. Perhaps you need to review that process of checking use-by dates on items requiring it.

Technical after sales help by phone and email was also very good on spa use and operation.

I would have no hesitation recommending Canadian Spas to other people. - Paul Foster

Just love my spa. The lights, music and waterfall really make this tub a fun and enjoyable experience. Would I buy it again YES. - John Reed

Just over a year ago I was in the market for 2 Person Spa that had all the features and performance of a much larger spa. The options as it turned out were rather limited due to the specific size of spa I required. I was delighted when I came across a brand and specification of spa that offered all the features I was looking for and at a price that was reasonable. I duly did some research and ordered the Yukon Spa through Transport a Tub, an agent of Canadian Spa Company, which arrived on time and friendly and helpful service.

The spa is well built, very solid and the finish is excellent. The pumps are very strong and can be adjusted to direct the flow of water. The heater is very efficient at maintaining the correct temperature and you can set the frequency of the cleaning cycle. It’s very roomy for a 2 man spa and has a good depth. I do like the pop up illuminated speakers and the changing led lighting.

Given that I have never owned a spa before I found the whole process of commissioning very straightforward from filling with water to applying the chemicals and setting the water temperature and cleaning cycle. The user guide supplied is very informative and the user control panel is very easy to operate. I use the spa very frequently and find the cost of running it to be very low, it uses such a small amount of chemicals and the cover retains the heat effectively.

Would I recommend the spa? Yes, It’s been trouble free and does what it’s designed to do in style. For a limited space option with all the bells and whistles I highly recommend the Yukon Spa. - J Anderson

The recent warm weather in the UK has meant lots of BBQs and, despite only being a two person spa, the hot tub is always the focus with friends taking it in turns to cool down and relax in it. It is so easy to use and with the protective cover, it's ready whenever we fancy a dip. - Anthony , Bristol

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